Thursday, July 14, 2011

Is Christ Divided?

I think within the body of Christ there are different people with different interests and gifts. But, as a whole divisions among the body are a hinderance to the gospel. I completely respect people with other beliefs from me in how they view Scripture, but for me to verbally attack them with my words, whether in front of them or behind their back, is sin.

When others verbally attack someone's ministry that is trying to follow to the commands of Scripture is wrong. How to do you think an unsaved person views this when he sees it? People are selfish. And we all have preferences. I really think a lot of these disagreements in the Christian circles really boil down to people and their preferences. That's not to downplay different Doctrinal issues. But have you gone to Scripture to find out what God says about it, rather than listening to what other people say about it. Ultimately we will be held accountable for our own lives. Stop attacking the way other people do ministry and hold certain beliefs. Notice I say attack. I believe we can lovingly talk about the beliefs and why we hold that belief. We all are here to be a light for Jesus and to lift each other up in the faith.

So when you are tempted to bash someone else's ministry. Stop and ask yourself what you are doing to reach the people they are reaching through that ministry. Remember that we are here to glorify God by loving Him and loving others.

Much love,

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