Monday, June 11, 2012

Christianity: The "Don't" Church?

Unfortunately, too many people know Christianity as the "don't religion." You can't do this, you can't do that. Which, frankly, sounds pretty unappealing. At the end of it, it's like "Alright, what can I do?" I don't think this is the way God intended us to view our relationship with Him. Yes, we are called to give up things to follow Him and yes we're to stop sinning. But it's because we've been made new in Christ! And we no longer want to sin because it doesn't bring glory to God.

I believe we're to focus on our freedom in Christ. We are freed from the bondage of sin! Don't let religion bind you to a list of things you can't do. Instead, see the freedom that Christ offers apart from sin and religion. Because, to be honest with you...religion will always leave you feeling like you have to do more. Whereas, Christ says "It is finished!"

I firmly believe we are free to have fun in this life. God has created the ocean for His glory and our enjoyment! He has created us with the desire to have pleasure. And when we find that our pleasure is completely satisfied in Him, it opens up a huge door to enjoy His creation.

Christianity shouldn't be known as the religion of "don'ts", but rather as the freedom experienced by being saved by Christ. No longer a slave to sin! But freed in Christ to enjoy Him forever. Don't get me wrong, Christ tells us that we will have to deny ourselves to follow Him. But, God delights when His children delight in Him. Not when they are tied down to a list of rules they have to follow. Our love for Christ should drive us to want to live to please Him. That's freedom. When you get to the point of seeing that what we do on this earth can glorify God. Whether it be eating, laughing, or fellowshipping, we can do all to the glory of God.

So instead of being the "don't" church; let's strive to be the church that understands that through Christ it is "done" which compels us to live life to the fullest enjoyment here on earth in Christ.

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