Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Entertain Me, I'm Bored...A Christian Mindset?

Sitting in Olive Garden the other day, I noticed a shirt that had the quotation: "Entertain Me, I'm Bored." and I couldn't help but think that may sum up many of the young "Millennials" in America today. We live in a day where viral internet videos have taken social media to a whole new level. Comical pictures and clever sayings are the things we tweet and we post. But what always seems to come true is the fact that something better will come along. Something funnier or more clever will always come out to replace that saying, picture, or video. Always.

I feel this mindset is making its way into the Christian realm of life. People get so hyped up about a certain video with a relevant presentation of the gospel, but then it's forgotten or replaced by some other "hip" video. It's not to say these videos are wrong. But the Christian life is not meant to be lived searching for the next coolest video, saying, or picture. We should get hyped up about being in the Word! I don't think God intended for us to wait around for a viral internet video to hype us up enough to go out and spread the gospel to those who are lost. That's what His Word is for. Find your consistency in Him.

It's almost as if the way we choose a church is based on this mindset as well. Instead of looking for the church where we can best serve, we are searching for the church that can best serve us by entertaining us each and every Sunday. People go to a certain church because it has the best band, the biggest venue, the most charismatic pastor, or the best programs. This all leads back to this mindset of "Entertain me, I'm bored."Again, find your consistency in the truths of Scripture and in Jesus.

Instead of finding entertainment (satisfaction) in those things, find it in Jesus and His Word. Instead of accepting this mindset the world embraces, embrace the love of the Savior who sets you free. The world changes, Jesus doesn't.

Just some thoughts.....

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